Keep Calm & Teach

Based on the book, Keep Calm and Teach, Victoria offers real-life stories to answer the question, "What do you say when . . ."  She demonstrates how to implement communication models, build community and empower students through behavior choices.  Dr. Lentfer shares why it is so important to build culture beginning in the classroom and extend it throughout the school and community.  

Intentional Mindfulness: Calm Response to Leadership

In this presentation Victoria Lentfer utilizes real-world stories and humor to relate how important it is to have a balanced, mindful approach to leadership.  To be the best teacher leader, administrator and community board member, it takes an intentional approach in unlocking your true power, letting go of control and trust the process.  Dr. Lentfer reveals through her research, she provides insights into how to achieve your goals and empower others to reach their fullest potential.  Using her no-nonsense and sense of humor, Victoria offers participants a thought-provoking look at how mindful leadership can impact a classroom and school community.

Freedom, Flexibility & Fun: A Balanced Approach to Leadership

How do teacher leaders and administrators maintain balance in and outside of the classroom while dealing with the everyday challenges of the school environment?  Dr. Lentfer shares her research in how focusing on the positive situations can impact a school environment.  Through stories which every educator can relate to, Dr Lentfer offers a perspective of how freedom, flexibility and fun can have on learning.