• Victoria Lentfer

Kickback Friday

Who doesn't love to have fun on a Friday??? You have a sense of relief knowing you are going to have two whole days to relax. Why not give you and your students permission to take full advantage of your Friday and have some fun. Consider addressing behavior and academic goals with your students on Monday, review them on Thursday, and have a Kickback Friday.

Kickback Friday is a team building day. We would go outside or stay inside and play a game. My only rule was everyone had to be moving. For example, if the class wanted to play soccer, but some of the students did not want to play, they would walk on the track around the soccer field. I had the students decide the game, teams, and enforce the rules. I would observe and step in, but I encouraged students to find peaceful resolutions.

The Kickback Friday's built community, leadership, collaboration, trust, honest, and motivation. It was a great way to celebrate our accomplishments, and we had some fun playing as well. The students loved Fridays and so did I. We all focused a little harder throughout the week when we knew we could earn a day of re-creating ourselves.

For more details, check out my book Keep Calm and Teach. It's easy and fun to implement.


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