• Victoria Lentfer

Put the "F" Word Back Into Education

What's so wrong with the "F" word? So often it's misunderstood. The "F" word can be used in multiple situations regarding education. It often gets a bad wrap from education professionals. But why? The "F" word is essential in student achievement, yet no one wants to talk about it. It's always a secret. Teachers are heard whispering this word so as to not to draw attention from their colleagues and principals. No one will claim when they have the "F" word in the classroom. Is it because it's a little risky? Not supposed to have this in the classroom?

Three Dog Night claimed in their song that One is the Loneliest Number, the Bee Gees crooned about Lonely Days, Lonely Nights, and Eric Carmen woefully whimpered about about being All By Myself. Are we really going to shame the "F" word into isolation? Come on teachers! We are better than this! It's okay to say and explore the "f" word in our classrooms! I promise if you seek the "F" your learning environment will flourish.

Let's make a pledge to always have Fun! Yes, the "F" word!

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