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Traffic, Shower, Cleaning: Sources of Inspiration?

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

I was sitting in traffic on my way to work. I was going to be late. Normally I would become anxious and envision worst case scenarios of what was going to happen when I walked into work late. But today I decided to take a deep breath and let it go. I realized I had no control over the traffic. As soon as I let go of control the ideas began to flow. I took advantage of the time in my car and began to brainstorm new strategies I could use in the classroom.

The ideas were flowing fast and with such ease, I felt I could remember them. But as I found myself entering the building to go to class, my mind turned to the logistics of the day - how much time do I have before class, what materials do I need, check emails, and have time to get a cup of coffee and run to the restroom. My mind was a flutter, I found I had forgotten all of my great ideas. At least, while my mind was busy with the little items. I would have to wait until I had a quiet, calm moment to write down my ideas.

So often, some of the best ideas come when we are doing routine, low cognitive activities. This is when you have some of the most remarkable ideas flow through you! If I find it difficult to write, I will go out into my flower garden and prune my rose bushes, go for a walk, clean my house, do the dishes, mow the lawn to ease my mind. When your hands are busy, it takes the attention away from the challenge I'm facing with work and allows the inspiration to flow through. One of the best places to receive inspiration is while I am showering. No need to go into detail, but the idea is to get into a state of being to allow inspiration nudge you.

Take the time to get your hands moving and your mind and heart will follow. When you are caught in a stressful dilemma, take your attention elsewhere. Use your hands and your mind will follow. It is so important to be more aware of our thoughts and how they are consuming our energy. Be in the moment as you are cleaning or cooking - feel the calmness flow and the whispering words of inspiration will follow.

Last Note - I now have a small notebook with me at all times to record my free flowing thoughts. Drop me a line and let me know how you receive inspiration.

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