• Victoria Lentfer

You Are Enough

Three simple, yet profound words. My hero, Mister Rogers would reiterate often during his show to young children,"You are perfect just the way are, you are enough." What beautiful words. But what the heck does it mean????

As I began to explore this idea of being enough, I found I had more questions than answers. At first, I felt it implied that you do not have to have high expectations, you don't have to do much. Enough is good, exceptional isn't necessary. Aren't we expected to overachieve? To not just be a teacher, but a master teacher. To not only have a winning record as a coach, but to win the championship. The analogies are endless.

Perhaps it is about a belief in yourself and permission to make mistakes. A knowing that you have the fundamental skills, it's just a matter of believing that that is enough and approach each situation with an understanding that you are going to make mistakes. Approach each situation with love and kindness. Is this too simplistic?

Let me know your thoughts.

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