Workshops & Presentations

A Calm Classroom Management Approach
Research shows that proactive strategies have a positive impact teacher effectiveness and student achievement.  How can we support new teachers as they manage a classroom culture of community? This session explores innovative proactive models teachers are able to implement seamlessly into their classroom the next day.  Participants will practice implementing the proactive models of communication and consider how the models will guide their course of teaching positive behavior expectations and create a collaborative classroom culture of community.
A Calm Response to Behavior
How do you respond when there is a challenging situation? You will be amazed at the easy steps you can do to change the culture of your classroom community.  Participants will learn strategies that can be implemented the next day. Learn how to be aware of the energy you are bringing, not take things personally and how your response will impact your learners.  Transform you and your classroom with these proven and powerful techniques.
Compassionate Conversations


Difficult conversations do not have to be difficult. This workshop is for teachers, leaders, and school board members. Participants will learn how to enter a conversation using compassion and listening as key skills in resolving problems. They will learn communication models that will de-escalate potential disruptive conversations and provide a calm, peaceful resolution.  What was perceived as a difficult conversation can now be envisioned as a conversation to engage teachers, students and leaders in powerful conversations.  The goal is to empower students, teachers, and leaders in creating a conversation where everyone will walk away with a better feeling and sense of self. Difficult conversations can be scary, but with these strategies you can implement next day, participants will learn how to self-direct themselves with better choices and an understanding how their choices impact themselves and the learning community.

How Choice Impacts Student Behavior


Learn how to implement proactive communication strategies that will de-escalate challenging situations and create a calm learning environment.  Participants will engage in learning activities that demonstrate how to redirect student behavior. The strategies are easy to learn and can be implemented the next day!

Creating a Culture of Community


How can the school environment create a culture of caring, character, and a greater sense of community?  Dr. Lentfer identifies key components and offers easy to use strategies to develop a cutlure of teamwork and and an emphasis on social skills that enhance the learning environment.   This is an engaging and thought provoking workshop.  You will leave with a better sense of how to build culture and community.  The strategies are easy to learn and can be implemented the next day!

Developing Mindful Leaders, Students, and Community
This workshop will blow your mind!  Be ready to think and feel your way to inner-peace and inner-power.  Are you tired of taking things personally?  Do you find yourself caring too much about what other people think?  Do you find yourself tired, cranky, and  unmotivated?  This session will give you strategies to shift your mindset to focus on the positive and just be Happy!  Go with the Flow - It sounds crazy, but it works!